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CareerBreak People was founded by Ronnie Cloke Browne in 2015.

A Chemical Engineer by background, Ronnie was working as a lead engineer with a major multinational organisation at the time she started her career break for family reasons. To take an extended career break (longer than the standard maternity provision) she resigned, taking her out of her work environment and community. Coupled with this, whilst raising a family she found opportunities to get involved in technically related or mentally stimulating activities either limited or difficult to access.

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As a full-time parent Ronnie volunteered with a number of organisations which continued her personal development. Together with her husband she founded BRAVE Partners LLP, a niche investment bank specialising in energy, insurance and reinsurance.

Ronnie has always believed that there should be a natural career re-entry point for women after extended career breaks. Whilst maternity leave provision does seem to be better than when she first had children, Ronnie feels that the extended career break is still very misunderstood.

Although the situation is improving, people often feel under-confident and unable to return to work at a comparable level or subject and often under-utilise their skills after an extended career break.

Ronnie founded CareerBreak People to enable people to maintain their confidence throughout their time away from the paid workplace so that they are in a stronger position to return when the time is right for them.

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