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Taking a Career Break

In life we are always learning, growing and developing. On a career break people are continually developing new skills. The key is to recognise this and seize the opportunities along the way. CareerBreak People are here to support you in your continued development and to help you maintain your motivation and confidence throughout your break.

Planning your break

Often when you start a break you are focussing on the new life event ahead and don’t take stock of where you are in your career. However, there is value in just touching base with where you are and taking note. It is very rare that those of us on long career breaks know when and how we might return to work. The career break can be as short as 5 years, or 15 years +. An unexpected life event might occur and require an earlier return. Read more about preparing for a break here...

CareerBreak People was founded by Ronnie Cloke Browne who herself has had an extended career break after an initial career in engineering. Building on her extended career break experiences and working with Sarah Reynolds of LifeForward Coaching who took much shorter career breaks, Ronnie has designed a framework within which she can help people to enjoy and make the most of their breaks.

Preparing to leave work

Before the break and as you start, CareerBreak People can help you prepare to leave work. During your break we offer a range of activities including a Pondero, Pilates for the Mind, talks series and regular keep in touch sessions. We can also help you earn whilst you keep in touch with our Fresh Pair of Eyes service. Towards the end of your break, using our own toolkits, we work with Life Coaches who can help you identify your goals and set a new direction. You will have developed many relevant non-technical skills which can be applied when you are ready to return to your career. We can provide risk free opportunities for you to hone your interview skills or presentation techniques. If your career was a technical one, we can help you to identify any additional training you may need and who the relevant people are to contact. We are not discipline specific and will work with you to get you in the starting blocks whatever your specialism or direction.

We are looking for sponsors to be involved with us, if your company is interested please contact us ronnie@careerbreakpeople.co.uk or click here to read more about sponsorship.