Career Breaks

Starting your Career Break

Before starting a career break, we can work with you. We will help you organise the critical, relevant information about you, your skills and experience, to get everything in place. This is key as the information may not be used again for a number of years and until, perhaps, you want to think about returning to work.

You are not alone - in the UK around 90,000 people start a career break each year, and approximately 2 million are on career breaks for caring reasons.

Starting you break

Your reasons for taking a break are unique to you - there is no set path for a career break which can make it feel both exciting and daunting. Whilst you may have an idea of timescale, we never know where life will take us. It is better to be prepared and able to be flexible in case of unexpected changes in circumstance.

Non-linear career paths are becoming more normal and we consider that a career break is really a transition into an unpaid role for a period. Your skills are constantly being developed and these will be as relevant in the paid workplace as on a career break. Historically retirement only averaged 5 years, but in recent times for some this has grown to more than 30 years. As we are all living and working longer, so perhaps your career break is just moving some of those years out of retirement to earlier in your life.

Personal Skills Log

Career People's Personal Skills Log contains 11 sections with tailor-made templates for you to complete to help you to organise all your work and experience in one place. If you are about to take a career break, use it to record and finish off your work before you finish. The Personal Skills Log will help you record the skills you are gaining whilst on your career break and what skills you might want to develop. It is an excellent tool for providing focus for returning to work when the time is right for you.

During your Career Break

Confidence is key to successful transitions to and from the paid workplace. During your break keep your confidence up through your continued personal development. We can keep in touch with you throughout your break, to touch base, be a sounding board and see how you are enjoying your new venture. Remember to use your Personal Skills Log.  You are accumulating worthwhile experience and developing new networks during your break - a valuable skills base for the future.

During Your Break

Exercise your mind

Keep your mind engaged and up to date throughout your break. We recommend Pondero talks series, covering a whole host of topics to interest and inspire you, whilst developing a new network.

Returning to work

You will have developed many relevant non-technical skills which can be applied when you are ready to return to your career. If your career was a technical one, we can help you to identify any additional training you may need and explore your professional network. We can provide risk-free opportunities for you to hone your interview skills or presentation techniques. We are not discipline-specific and through our workshops we will work with you to get you in the starting blocks whatever your specialism or direction.

Returning to work

Remember your Personal Skills Log and CareerBreak People's workshops provide the springboard that will help you to return to the paid workplace with confidence.