• Return to work

Returning to Work

Do you want to return to work – but are unsure where to start?

We can help you assess what direction you might like to take and how to go about looking for a job. We can update you on changes in the paid workplace since you started your career break.

Our "Your Return to Work" workshop will help you identify your strengths and set clear goals. Or perhaps you are considering starting your own company, in which case our "Focus-Accelerate-Succeed" workshop will be more appropriate.

We can help you update and tailor your CV. Have you thought how you can apply your career break experiences into your life CV? Have you captured everything from your last period of employment? You are constantly developing many non-technical skills : these are just as relevant as technical skills you build up in the workplace.

Please do contact us at ronnie@careerbreakpeople.co.uk to find out more.