Corporate Involvement

CareerBreak People spans across all disciplines and careers. We welcome supporters, partners or sponsors – both from corporates and professional institutions. There are opportunities available to your organisation.

Fresh Pair of Eyes Service

If you would like sense checks or cold reviews on your work, we offer a Fresh Pair of Eyes service. Drawing on the technical and professional knowledge and experience of talented people on career breaks we can provide a cost effective way of reviewing and commenting on your material (please note, this is not a qualified proofreading service). Please contact for further information.

Professional Institutes

We are conscious that many members of professional institutes are on career breaks and can often lose touch. CareerBreak People aims to encourage members to continue their contacts with their institutes. If your institute would like to be involved please contact us:

Be Involved

If you would like to be involved in supporting people throughout their breaks please contact us at

If your organisation would like to give an informal talk in a Pilates for the Mind talks series, please contact us

Your Employees

Do you have employees about to start a career break?  CareerBreak People can work with employees in your organisation to ensure that they have a strong start to their career breaks. This initial focus can be combined with continued skill-building and development which will be of value at a later point in their careers.

CareerBreak People aims to help people across all fields of expertise. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your employees/members please get in touch.


We are looking for funding – either through sponsorship or as a partner. If your organisation would like to be involved please contact us on