Pondero, Pilates for the Mind

The next Pondero Talk

The next Pondero series will return in September


Wednesday mornings 11:00 - 12:30

To register please email ronnie@careerbreakpeople.co.uk

Summer Series 2019

1st May
"Energy, Climate Change and Me"
8th May
Ending Water Poverty
22nd May
"What Am I Feeling?"
5th June
"The Menopause"

For more information seePondero Series - Winchester - Summer Term2019

Pondero, Pilates for the Mind

Pondero, Pilates for the Mind, is a series of interesting and wide-ranging talks that are held during the day.

Pondero means I consider, weigh up or reflect; which is exactly what the series encourages us to do.

Like you would keep fit with weekly pilates or tennis, also keep your knowledge up to date.

In today’s busy world it is often difficult to take a day out to travel to talks or presentations, so the talks are held locally. If you would like a Pondero series in your area please contact ronnie@careerbreakpeople.co.uk

In 2017 we passed a milestone of 50 Pondero talks, the full list can be found here Pondero - the first 50 talks.

Pondero, Pilates for the Mind, talks are enjoyable, if you would like to be involved or run a series please contact ronnie@careerbreakpeople.co.uk

We welcome new speakers, if you would like to give a talk please contact ronnie@careerbreakpeople.co.uk